Substance Appearing To Be Feces Falls From A Low-Flying Plane Onto Studio City Home

Human waste sprayed over a Studio City hillside neighborhood. We must make the point that Studio City was NOT in the flight path to or from Burbank Airport until Southwest Airlines designed a temporary arrival procedure and established waypoints at low altitude over Studio City and Sherman Oaks in December 2015. Southwest liked their secret new arrival procedure so much, that they coerced FAA into making it permanent. There was no environmental review and no public notice. In early 2017, when NextGen was implemented, they decided to take the same path for departures out of Burbank, and thus we see the “southern shift” and ensuing literal shitstorm. Where is the media outrage? Please share.



We are a small, informal group of Studio City residents, made up entirely of volunteers, who want to save our formerly tranquil community, wildlife preserves, and quality of life from the current, focused, NextGen-like flight paths that moved, in late 2016, over the protected Santa Monica Mountains without notice or study - as well as from future proposed procedures that will make these flight paths permanent.  We are fighting to move paths away from the High Fire Severity Zone of the Santa Monica Mountains, and for dispersal, higher altitudes, runway rotation and other noise mitigation techniques to ensure that no one neighborhood suffers disproportionately from the roar of almost 200 (and increasing) jets departing Burbank Airport daily.  We are focused on raising public awareness, gaining media attention, and building a powerful coalition to fight the FAA, including support by Local, State, and Federal Representatives, the City Attorney, and powerful environmental groups such as MRCA and SMMC.


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Burbank Airport is in process of planning a Terminal Expansion that will increase operations and make the noise much worse than it is now. Please click HERE for details and how you can help!


The Southern San Fernando Valley Airplane Noise Task Force has completed its first phase.  We are waiting to hear from the FAA on August 31, 2020.  Click HERE for details.


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