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Burbank Leader, Outlook News - Studio City Residents Dissatisfied with BUR Noise Funding


Courthouse News -  Court rejects LA’s attempt to shift Burbank Airport flight paths


CBS/KCAL9 (VIDEO) - Substance Appearing To Be Feces Falls From A Low-Flying Plane Onto Studio City Home


The Los Angeles Times - Are you more susceptible to coronavirus because of air pollution?

New York Times: GPS for Air Travel Came With Big Downsides: Noise, Then Lawsuits

The Sun: Planes will no longer fly over Lake Arrowhead, starting in December

The Los Angeles Times - Tweets posted on Burbank air traffic controller’s account offend community groups

The Los Angeles Times - Hollywood Burbank Airport air-service agreement concerns Valley residents affected by aircraft noise

New York Times - ‘Worse Than Anyone Expected’: Air Travel Emissions Vastly Outpace Predictions


WBGH - Communities Surrounding Logan Airport Exposed To Harmful Air Pollution, Research Finds


The Los Angeles Times - Joint task force to tackle airport noise issues ready for takeoff




The Los Angeles Times - FAA acknowledges flights out of Hollywood Burbank Airport have moved south

KTLA - Residents Criticize Elected Leaders Over Handling of Burbank Airport Noise, Environmental Disturbances


The Los Angeles Times - Former Hollywood Burbank Airport director criticizes reaction to noise concerns

KTLA - Commission Recommends Flight Path Adjustments After Noise Complaints Around Burbank Airport

ABC7 - Residents near Hollywood Burbank Airport fed up with noise from low-flying planes

KTLA5 - Meeting Held Amid Complaints of Noise Caused by Flight Paths Around Burbank Airport

LA Daily News - LA's City Attorney Ramps Up Pressure on FAA as Residents Continue Complaints

The Guardian - Revealed Air Pollution May Be Damaging Every Organ in the Body

Chicago Tribune Nader: Boeing 737 Max 'should never fly again'


The New Yorker - Is Noise Pollution the Next Big Public-Health Crisis?


The Washington Post - Some Birds are so Stressed by Noise Pollution it Looks Like They Have PTSD


Bishop's Stortford Independent Stansted Airport: SSE's health advisor questions noise and pollution dangers to population


CBS News - Southwest Airlines Faces Operational Emergency

CBS News - Senators call for FAA Probe after CBS News Report on Mechanics Pressured to Ignore Safety 

The Los Angeles TimesResidents skeptical about FAA’s proposed Burbank departure changes

The Los Angeles Times - Flights Out of Hollywood Burbank Airport Have Shifted Paths

89.3 KPCC - Studio City Residents Object to New Aircraft Noise from Burbank Airport

Harvard-Westlake Chronicle - Residents Voice Complaints About FAA's New Flight Proposal

Los Angeles Daily News - Hollywood Burbank Airport study finds flight path has shifted south for years

The Washington PostSenate Gives Final Approval for FAA Reauthorization, Sends Bill to White House

CitiesSpeak - 4 Unexpected Ways Congress’ Aviation Bill Impacts Cities

AviationProsCA: Residents, Officials Against Proposed Changes in Departure Paths at Burbank


Office of Brad Sherman - Congressman Sherman Applauds Passage of Legislation to Combat Air Noise

Office of Dianne Feinstein Senators: FAA Reauthorization Must Address Increased Airport Noise

Los Angeles Daily News - FAA Plan to Re-Route Burbank Planes Hits Turbulence

Los Angeles Times - Residents, Officials Against Proposed Changes in Departure Paths at BUR

KTLA - Proposed Flight Paths at Burbank Raise Noise Concerns

ABC7 - Parents Fight Proposed Flight Plans at Hollywood Burbank Airport

WSJ - Airplane Noise Complaints Are Skyrocketing: 'I Start Pushing That Button at 6.33 a.m.'

KFI (CNS)City Councilman Raises Concerns Over New Hollywood Burbank Flight Path

LAistConcerned About Noise, Lawmakers Push Back On New Flight Paths From Burbank Airport

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