1. Join our Mailing List: Scroll down to join our mailing list and receive the latest Newsletter updates.


3. Help us Stop Burbank's New Expanded Terminal: Click HERE to see how you can help.

4. Sign-up for Airnoise.io - Created by retired USAF test pilot Chris McCann - to easily submit noise complaints to the Airport/FAA with the click of a mouse or button. We NEED the community to complain if we want flights paths to change! Airnoise has already put tremendous pressure on airports and the FAA to listen.  Airnoise.io is much easier to use than http://webtrak5.bksv.com/bur1 (Burbank Airport's complaint system).

5. Contact Your Representatives - Tell them that solving the air noise problem is very important to you! Thank Congressman Sherman and Councilman Krekorian for their support on this critical issue - and let them know that we still need their help! 

Congressman Brad Sherman - john.alford@mail.house.gov - (818) 501-9200

Councilman Paul Krekoriansahag.yedalian@lacity.org - (213) 473-7002

Councilman David Ryu nicholas.greif@lacity.orgjarrett.thompson@lacity.org, Nikki.ezhari@lacity.org - 

(213) 473-7004 

Councilman Paul Koretzchristopher.givens@lacity.org , joan.pelico@lacity.org, Debbie.dynerharris@lacity.org -(818) 971-3088

Senator Feinsteinpeter_muller@feinstein.senate.gov - (310) 914-7300

Senator Harris -brent_robinson@harris.senate.gov (310) 231-4494

Mayor Garcetti - david.reich@lacity.org- (213) 978-0331

6. Contact the City Attorney: Call/Email Mike Feuer's office and tell him how bad the noise from Burbank Airport is in Studio City!

City Attorney Mike Feuer - Mike.N.Feuer@lacity.org - (213) 978-8100

Rob Wilcox- rob.wilcox@lacity.org - (213) 978-8377

Alex Ponder - alexander.ponder@lacity.org (213) 978-8114 

7. Complain directly to the Burbank Airport Representatives:

Frank Miller - FMiller@bur.org - (818) 729-2228

John Hatanaka - JHatanaka@bur.org - (818) 729-2225

Patrick Lammerding - PLammerding@bur.org - (818) 729-2250

Ray Adams - ra@bhwcllc.com 

8. Complain directly to the FAA:

Raquel Girvin, Western-Pacific Regional Administrator - raquel.girvin@faa.gov - (424) 405-7000

Steve Dickson, Head Administrator - steve.dickson@faa.gov - 202-267-8111

Teri Bristol, Head of Air Traffic Operations - teri.bristol@faa.gov

9. Become one of our more Active Volunteers: Please email us at info@studiocityforquietskies.com and let us know you want to be an "active volunteer" and we will put you on our short list when we need people to actively call, write emails, or attend important meetings.

10. Do you have special skills and want to help? Are you in the news media?  Do you have social media skills? Do you have any other special skills such as marketing or graphics to help us get the word out or help with website graphics? Email us at info@studiocityforquietskies.com.

11. Order your Studio City For Quiet Skies T-shirt to wear to events.

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